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Getting Started

By taking the steps below, you can save your contacts’ WhatsApp statuses on your smartphone. To copy something to another location, select Copy To from the pull-down menu by tapping on the downward pointing arrow next to the Status (video or photo) that you wish to save. The application will now display areas in which you can save the chosen WhatsApp Status, such as your device’s internal storage. To store the Status, tap the location where you wish to save the downloaded item.

The status files are locally saved by WhatsApp on the device. However, these are removed within a day. To save them in a safe place, you can transfer them out of the temporary file. The status images and videos you have viewed during the last 24 hours on WhatsApp are automatically downloaded to your device’s file explorer. Therefore, you are not required to use a third-party tool like WhatsApp Status Saver. However, WhatsApp status Saver is recommended to save movies and photographs because the folder in which the media files are stored is concealed by default.

Your mobile phone has to have a file management program to preserve the status. In general, this application is on many devices, but you can download it if you can’t seem to find it. Additionally, you may simply use an app to capture and store the status images and videos of your contacts. Install the WhatsApp Status Saver app from the Play Store to accomplish this. Open the app, then choose the pictures and videos you wish to save onto your phone. The images and videos will now be continuously saved on your phone when you hit the Save icon.

You instantly save media files to your WhatsApp/Media/folder. The WhatsApp folder is housed in your device’s internal storage if you have it. The folder will be located on your SD Card or External SD Card if your device lacks internal memory. As an option, when you have hidden files accessible, you should be able to access the Media folder and see a folder called Statuses. All of the WhatsApp Status pictures and videos you’ve seen are saved in this folder and may be retrieved from there.

The individuals who have watched Status are visible when you tap the eye icon. But here’s how to prevent your name from showing up in the list of status views. Deactivate read receipts. We are all aware of how read receipts for conversations function, but you can also use them to verify someone’s position officially without letting them know. Toggle “Read receipts” to enable this so you can check your Whatsapp messages privately by going to Settings > Account > Privacy.