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Besides it being free, WhatsApp Status Downloader is an incredibly App to download images and videos from WhatsApp.


Download Images and Videos

Open the Gallery app and search for “WhatsApp Images” to find all the downloaded images. Videos and images downloaded on WhatsApp are saved to a WhatsApp folder in the Gallery.

Recover Deleted Messages

It is possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, Download and launch WhatsApp, to retrieve your messages from Google Drive, tap RESTORE. The conversations will appear after you tap next.

Direct Message and Chat

As long as you know someone’s contact information and they have an operational WhatsApp account, WhatsApp lets you start messaging with them.

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Status Downloader Unique Features

-Supports HD videos and photos. -Free Status downloader and free Status saver. -Play videos offline with the built-in video player. -Download and save statuses and use them offline. -No login required, easy to save WhatsApp Statuses. -Works for both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

"InVision is a window into everything that's being designed at Twitter. It gets all of our best work in one place."

  • Jonathon Andrew , Themefisher.com
  • Jonathon Andrew , Themefisher.com
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Status Saver Extensive Flexibility

The WhatsApp status saver functions offline, making it available 24/7. Recover deleted texts if there is something that you had left out. All reminders are saved automatically and could be viewed whenever desired. Use of free status saver to share or repost WhatsApp Status videos and photographs that you've downloaded. Obtain customized features by upgrading the account on the WhatsApp status download application to make it much more engaging and entertaining.

"InVision is a window into everything that's being designed at Twitter. It gets all of our best work in one place."

  • Jonathon Andrew , Themefisher.com
  • Jonathon Andrew , Themefisher.com

Important Features of Status Saver App

Status Saver is an excellent video and image saver for WhatsApp that may assist you to download any photos and videos from your friend’s statuses.

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Easy to use

The statuses you viewed will be collected automatically and displayed by Status Saver in an orderly fashion.

Multi Save and Deleted

More than two status updates can be stored by downloading a Status Save, opening the app, and allowing it access to your device’s storage after seeing the status.

Supports WA Status and WA Business

The debut of WhatsApp Business has occurred. Though completely different from regular WhatsApp, it functions similarly and connects clients and businesses.

In-built Video Player

The built-in video player is intended to assist with playing videos and resolve issues based on a video not playing; changing the settings would help with this.

How it Works

For WhatsApp status downloads, use StatusSaver.com.

Getting Started

Steps to download Status Saver from the Play Store include first downloading the application, then opening it and permitting it to access your device’s storage. Thirdly, viewing the WhatsApp status first on the chat app will make it simpler for you to download or save your friend’s status. You can see any status you’ve ever seen. Tap the Save icon after choosing the photo or video you want to download. The phone’s storage space will house the downloaded material.

WhatsApp Status Saver is an android tools application that makes it easy to store WhatsApp photo and video status. Download status updates with images, videos, and GIFs to post on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The greatest user interface, simple WhatsApp status download, and support for all Android devices. The encryption by default premise, which will be kept by Stories, is one of the intriguing elements WhatsApp has always made sure to underline. Put extra emphasis on the fact that even your status updates are end-to-end protected and secure on Android in the Status feature description.

In 2021, WhatsApp enhanced its Business Accounts with the option to provide status updates and update subscribers on events. On the application window, go to the Status tab, hit the icon for your profile image, and then upload the required material. No need to request a video from a buddy or snap a screenshot! Business Status Saver and Status Saver for WhatsApp, the WhatsApp app permits you to share media with others and post status updates from the app. It also allows you to access photos, videos, and GIF files through the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp Business enables users to save promoted products that they can subsequently use to make purchases and acquire the same thing that was marketed.

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